Flyers / Banners.  The 5 buttons at the top of the page allow you to download images that may be printed or inserted into e-mails, web pages, Facebook pages etc.  The graphic file for the above speaker grid has the conference theme added at its bottom.  The poster with 8 speakers, mountains & logos is downloadable as a .pdf that prints with high quality to 8.5 X 11 size if not reduced or expanded.  The files for the detailed flyer and the simple flyer you see below, are, respectively, a graphic file proportionate to 11″ X 8.5″ dimensions, and a .pdf file paginated to print two half-page flyers.  The file for the small banner also shown below has a 610 X 173 pixel sizeFor any image you post in an e-mail, web page or Facebook page, you may link the image to the web address of our home page, using either or


Sample Wording for Tweets, Facebook Posts Etc.  Farther down on this page, we will be accumulating examples of promotional posts that may be used to spread word about P-POD on social media.

Sample PowerPoint Slides.  Farther down on this page, we will later add links for a pair of downloadable slides that may be included in a PowerPoint presentation to make the audience aware of P-POD.