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  • Are you registering anyone else?

  • Let's move on! How will you be getting here? [Note that during this registration you can book walkable campus apartment space if you wish.]

  • In selecting a registration package, you will have a CHOICE of arranging off-campus housing without us, OR booking through us a campus apartment for Thursday night + Friday night. You'd have a private locking bedroom in an apartment shared with 1 or 2 others. You'd choose them, else we'd randomly assign persons who are gender-appropriate as defined by you.

    ADD Weds. night to the campus apartment option that MAY be considered.

    ADD Sat. night to the campus apartment option that MAY be considered.

  • OPTIONAL Thursday "arrival meal": Say "YES" and we'll add $18 to the registration package for you....

    •FULL program starting Thurs. 1:30 pm: $18 adds 12:10-1:25 pm luncheon

    •SHORT program skipping Saturday: $18 adds the same as above

    •SHORT program starting Thurs. evening: $18 adds 5:35-6:45 pm dinner

  • Are you a physician who is seeking CME credits, but who is NOT a member of one of the DISCOUNTED GROUPS we list on our website?

  • For what credential do you desire continuing education credits if available? (This does not apply if you register under a "Public" or "Student" rate.)

  • Otherwise, if you're a student, where are you enrolled?

  • Are you a current member of any of these organizations? You may use Comments later to show a 2nd or 3rd.

    Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

    (Employees of) Navajo Nation Dept. of Health or Diabetes Project

    (Recipients of) Plant-based Nutrition Certificate, T. Colin Campbell Ctr. for Nutrition Studies

    American Association of Diabetes Educators

    Asian Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics

    Association of American Indian Physicians

    Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine

    (Employees of) Indian Health Service

    (Employees of) New Mexico Dept. of Health

    New Mexico Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council

    New Mexico Nurses Association

    None of these apply

  • Select the package for you. Included below: ThF nights apartment option; Thurs. arrival meal; days parking pass.

    17.5hrFull, Thurs.1:30pm - Sat.2:25pm, these campus apartmt.options:

    13.5hrShort (skip Thurs.aftern. OR skip Sat.), these campus apartmt.options:

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    P.O. Box 286, Asheville NC 28802-0286

    Your registration has been saved, and you will be enrolled after we receive your payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment clears. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!


  • Thanks for registering!

    is the lodging payment due Apr. 26, not now.

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    Your registration has been saved, but you will not be enrolled until we receive your payment. If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you!


  • How did you hear about P-POD?

  • Any additional comments before checkout? Such as....

    •••What was your main reason for choosing this conference?

    •••If you're choosing the "Short" package, please say whether you're skipping Thursday afternoon or skipping Saturday!

    •••If you wish to name other registrants who will take the other private bedroom(s) in your apartment, please name them here.

    •••[If you said "no lodging" and want suggestions for off-campus hotels, please don't comment, but check our Travel 2017 page where we will start posting suggestions.]