W. Shane Williams, MD FRCP(C)

Cardiologist, Williams Cardiology and Wellness Medical Ctr.,


W. Shane Williams, MD FRCP(C), was born and raised in Newfoundland and received most of his education in that province.  He attended Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, being selected as valedictorian of the Pharmacy Class of 2005.  While working part-time as a pharmacist, Dr.Williams completed the 4 year post-graduate degree in Medicine and a 3 year Specialty Fellowship Program in Internal Medicine, both at Memorial University’s Medical School.  Although he excelled in a number of subspecialties, it was his lifelong fascination with cardiology that motivated him to seek a position in the prestigious 3 year Cardiology Subspecialty Fellowship training program at McMaster University in Hamilton.  After graduating in 2008, Dr. Williams moved to Muskoka, Ontario to open his practice in Cardiology and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Williams’ new approach to patient care combines the most recent scientifically-validated nutritional research with the more traditional clinical approaches, to serve people with established medical disease as well as those at risk of its development, such as those in need of medically supervised weight loss.  Detailed assessment of a patient’s current status will suggest how he/she potentially can make manageable adjustments to achieve “sustained behaviour change”.  Individual counseling about nutrition and lifestyle change, and group wellness workshops, often will lead to tangible health benefits within days to weeks.  

Dr. Williams’ extensive clinical knowledge, passion for these new approaches, and ability to make complex scientific concepts understandable, make him an excellent presenter.  His goal is to educate and motivate so that everyone can embrace a much healthier lifestyle leading inevitably to a longer and happier life.