Paulette Chandler, MD MPH

Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical Schl.
Physic., Brigham/Women’s Hospital

Paulette Chandler, MD MPH, is an urgent care physician with expertise in clinical innovation.  Expanding the landscape of healthcare delivery, she conducts workshops and webcasts to create networks with key segments of the community, from children and adults to community health workers and physicians.  These are designed to equip individuals with tools to embrace healthy behaviors that fight chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer.  She also conducts translational research in the area of biomarkers of nutritional status to bring the best preventive strategies from the bench to the clinic, and trains students and residents to embrace such strategies.

Dr. Chandler’s current teaching and clinical responsibilities include:  Urgent Care Primary Care physician at The Phyllis Jen Center of Primary Care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital;  preceptor in Patient Doctor II for second year Harvard Medical School (HMS) students;  and substitute preceptor of interns and residents for Jen Center.  She devotes the remainder of her time to clinical research related to cancer or to vitamin D, and to health advocacy.

Under funding from the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Chandler is evaluating the interaction of race/ethnicity, vitamin D and adiposity on cancer outcomes in the VITamin D omega-3 Trial.  She is also the initiator & lead author of a study, “Racial/Ethnic Disparities for Vitamin D Prescribing for Severe Vitamin D Deficiency”, whose abstract was presented at the 2010 Society of General Internal Medicine national meeting.  She is the lead author on the inflammatory biomarkers and adiposity papers, and co-author on several other papers, from The Vitamin D Project, a community-based participatory research randomized clinical trial, The Vitamin D Project, to evaluate dose-response effects of daily Vitamin D supplementation on numerous outcomes in an African-American cohort.